We are dedicated to the mission of holding onto and increasing a woman's right to choose. This committee is forming and if you'd like to be apart, please let us know.
Our mission is to reach out to every women's organizations and groups. Political organizations that focus on women's causes, formal or informal groups of Intersectional women, women of color, women of Hispanic origin, and women of of all ethnic backgrounds. We will be inviting you to be our guest speaker at our chapter meetings to broaden our chapters influence and scope.

If you'd like to be on our grassroots team, please let us know.
We are working on key positions within the San Diego college system doing outreach, educational training and working to encourage women to understand that No means NO! We are looking for students that are currently enrolled in the fall semester who would like to work with our chapter on this initiative.
We are focused on inclusion of all Trans women. We are currently working on a ways to bridge the gaps between the two and open a dialogue as to how we can each help each other. NOW is a safe space for Trans individuals and we want them to know that they can come work with us on their issues.
We are working with key individuals in San Diego county and others in public office to co-author a piece of legislation in the Gloria Johnson Equal Rights Act. We are pulling a committee together to breakdown this process in hopes that we can get it in front of the San Diego City Council on August 26, 2016.

Mentor Program


We believe by having strong female leaders that support and believe in women’s issues is vital the success of all women and girls. We are currently creating a leadership program to cultivate young women and girls into leadership positions. We are also creating a scholarship that will assist young women as they move into higher learning. 

Please contact us if you would like to get involve with this initiative as a mentor.